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It seems that somehow facials have gained a reputation as being only for women. However, more men are now enjoying the wonderful, reviving benefits that facial treatments provide. Gender aside, good skin is good skin. Guys, ask a lady. She’ll tell you! Having a quality and professional facial treatment done, whether routinely or on a more infrequent basis, will refresh your skin, leaving you feeling and looking younger than you would have thought possible.

While men and women have many similar needs for facials—like wrinkles, blackheads, and other skin impurities, a man’s facial skin undergoes different kinds of stresses than a woman’s, the biggest one, of course, being shaving. Compound a regular shaving routine with the fact that most men don’t moisturize or use lotion on their face nearly as often as women, and you might start to see why facials can be so beneficial for men.

Let’s look at three reasons why men can benefit from facials.

  1. Wrinkles: Most everybody wants to look younger. With so many muscles working in our faces as we express ourselves, converse, and squint in sunlight, wrinkles start to appear even in our 20’s. While wrinkling is a natural part of the aging process, proper skin care, which includes facials, can alter the usual and sometimes harsh aging the body will undergo. Getting proper facial treatment can ease the wrinkling process.
  2. Impurities: Facials can remove impurities and cleanse pores, making your skin look and feel healthier.
  3. Shaving: This is the big one for men. No matter how good your razor, regular shaving is going to produce some amount of irritation on your skin. There’s simply no way around it. Getting a facial that addresses this issue can make your skin feel incredible!
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