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When going in for a spa treatment, you should be relaxed. You want to leave the stress behind, feel your muscles loosen a bit, and allow yourself to unwind while someone else does the work required to make you look and feel healthier. Many people think that having a glass of wine or cocktail before beginning their spa treatment is a great way to ease into this state. The fact that some spas will even offer a glass of wine before treatment makes this prevalent theory even more common, unfortunately. It’s important to know that alcohol can actually have a negative effect on your body when you start a spa treatment.

Here are three reasons why you should not drink before going to the spa.

  • Alcohol dehydrates you. Before you start a treatment, you want to be well hydrated. The body is comprised mostly of water, after all, and muscles work best and are most responsive when well hydrated. Because alcohol dehydrates you, your muscles might be more sensitive to the masseuse’s touch and your massage may not be as effective as it could be otherwise.
  • Blood circulation is increased during a massage. Because alcohol is carried through the bloodstream, drinking before a spa treatment might affect you differently than it otherwise would (in the same way that drinking on a flight, or on an empty stomach, might).
  • Alcohol impairs your ability to properly sense what is happening to your body. We don’t want you to get hurt, especially when heat and intense pressure is being applied to your body in ways you are not accustomed to. If you’re drinking, your ability to recognize and immediately respond to an intense pain could be impaired.

If you’d like to have a drink, we recommend waiting until after your treatment is over!