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You can get it in a tall glass of orange juice or in a morning vitamin pill—either way, make sure this vitamin becomes a part of your daily diet! Having good skin isn’t just about what we apply directly onto our skin; it’s about what we put into our bodies as well. While we’re huge advocates of taking care of skin with the right topical combination of natural elements, real skin care starts at an even more fundamental level.

We all know that eating greasy foods will make your face feel oily and unhealthy. It comes as no surprise that what you put in your body will show itself in your physical appearance. Consuming vitamin C should have just as noticeable an effect on how your skin feels as eating a greasy meal. Vitamin C, however, will leave you feeling far better since it is a rejuvenating vitamin that strengthens your skin, giving it firmness by promoting the growth of blood vessels and cells. That’s why vitamin C is so important for forming scar tissue and repairing broken skin (internal and external). Not only does vitamin C actively work in repairing your skin quickly, but it also fights against free radicals, which can cause serious skin damage.

Incorporating vitamin C more intentionally into your diet while also taking care of your skin topically will make you look and feel so much healthier than if you only got facial treatments.

Don’t overdo it though, as too much vitamin C can be harsh on your digestive system. Too much of a good thing and your skin might be feeling good, but not the rest of you!

Lastly, we thought we might add that though it is expensive, topically applied Vitamin C can also offer your skin some amazing health benefits.