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There’s often confusion as to whether to get a Deep Tissue or a Sports Massage. As with any Massage modality, it all depends on what your needs are at the time of your session. While Deep Tissue and Sports Massage are commonly associated together, the two have very different focuses.

Sports Massage given prior to working out is designed to warm up the soft tissues in order to improve performance. It will incorporate mild to moderate stretching, kneading, jostling, and traction, in order to increase flexibility and circulation to the muscles. When performed after a work out, Sports Massage Therapists uses strokes designed to flush toxins built up during muscular exertion and repetitive use. Stretches will be deepened to maintain flexibility in between work outs. Pre-event Sports Massage is never exceptionally deep in pressure; more of a firm pressure is used, as the intention is to wake up rather than fatigue the muscles. Overall, the focus of Sports Massage is keeping the muscles in functional motion.

The focus for Deep Tissue Massage is releasing chronic muscle tension caused by repetitive use injury or postural dysfunctions. Like Sports, Deep Tissue includes stretching; but instead of just warming the muscle up, deep work involves breaking down scar tissue, loosening the muscle fibers, and releasing muscular adhesions. Trigger Point work on deeper, chronic tension in the muscle belly acts to flush toxins and stimulate the muscle to relax. As the name implies, the pressure is deep and Therapists will frequently be checking in to maintain Guest’s personal tolerance levels. Many experience mild to moderate soreness during and after a Deep Tissue session, as the muscles are fatigued by this more aggressive work. It’s not the kind of massage that will have you falling asleep during session. Basically, the next day you may feel like you had a work out. Deep Tissue’s focus is to return the muscles to functional motion.

Going for a run? Try some Sports Massage to get those muscles warmed up and increase circulation.

Have chronic pain and tension from working on a computer all day? Deep Tissue will loosen that up and return mobility.

Both massage modalities are fabulous treatments with respect to their focus.