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One of our most popular offerings at Hawaiian Rainforest Spa is our Hawaiian “Pohaku” healing stone massage. Stone massage has been practiced throughout the centuries for good reason – it works!

The practice of stone massage is when the massage practitioner massages your body with stones – in this case, pohaku stones. A pohaku stone is one from a volcanic river, and these stones are chosen for two main reasons. The first reason is that the stone retains heat very easily, and thus is well suited to long massage sessions, and the second being the smoothness of the rock. Pohaku stones start out life smooth, but once they are carefully selected and used for the art of massage, they absorb oils easily and gleam. It might sound a little strange to you to be massaged with rocks, but trust us; once the magic of the pohaku is being worked across your skin and the heat is absorbed deep into your muscles, you’ll become a believer!

These wonderful stones are the key to rest and relaxation during your time with us at Hawaiian Rainforest Spa. We use only the finest pohaku stones and our massage practitioners understand how best to use them in order to help relax and invigorate your muscles. A long session with a pohaku stone is just the ticket to making you feel great once you are done with a long day at the beach!

Pohaku massage is good for the body and the mind. Massage in general helps to restore the body – there is a reason why it has been considered a medicinal technique in many countries for centuries! To learn more about pohaku massage and how it can help you feel like a king, make sure to contact us at Hawaiian Rainforest Spa.