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We at Hawaiian Rainforest Spa are proud to offer a comprehensive Hapai (Pregnancy) Massage to our patrons who are mothers-to-be. Our comprehensively-trained massage technicians understand that a woman who is pregnant has special needs when it comes to massage, and know best how to apply therapeutic massage techniques to a pregnant woman’s body in order to improve her health and well being.

Many people believe that massage is simply a technique to cure aching muscles, but there are several medical benefits to massage as well, particularly for pregnant women! A woman’s body undergoes several different periods of transition while she is with child; appropriate and soothing massage techniques can really help the body bear up better under these changes and lead to better health prospects throughout the trimesters. Check out this list of benefits that are commonly associated with comprehensive pregnancy massage:

  • Reduced swelling in feet and hands;
  • A lessening of sciatic pain;
  • Helps relieve discomfort in the lower back, neck, and calves;
  • Can reduce tension and tightening that is often experienced by pregnant women;
  • Increased flexibility;
  • Stronger immune system;
  • Improved blood circulation.

There are many discomforts that are associated with pregnancy, but pregnancy massage is a great way to alleviate some of these discomforts. There are special considerations that are made in order to make massage both safe and comfortable for expecting mothers – for example, women who are 22 weeks pregnant or later should not lie on their backs for massage, as the weight from the baby can press down on blood vessels. Depending on your stage of pregnancy and special needs, your massage technician will recommend a variety of soothing and invigorating massage methods.

Massage doesn’t have to stop once you become pregnant. In fact, if done by the appropriate technicians, massage can make pregnancy easier on your body and help keep you happy and comfortable. Be sure to give it a try the next time you are at Hawaiian Rainforest Spa & Salon!