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Early Polynesians understood massage as important for overall well-being, and developed the method known as Lomi Lomi massage. Simply translated, lomi lomi means “massage,” however; the actual concept is layered in deeper meaning. Traditionally, this knowledge was passed down by the Elders (or Kapunas) and included ceremonial prayers. Rather than only focusing on relaxing the body, Lomi Lomi encompasses connecting the body and mind to promote harmony with the Aina (Land).

The primary essence of Lomi is flow. In our modern lives, much of our bodily pain and tension is caused by mental stress. Stress inhibits flow by scattering the mind into a constant state of Fight or Flight. This leaves the body constricted; always tensed in expectation of the next panic. Lomi Lomi addresses this from the start. As with many forms of massage, gentle compressions introduce the body to the Therapist’s touch. Through rhythmic rocking motions to mimic palm trees swaying in the breeze, the mind is comforted and invited to forget any worries. Rocking us like a baby, Lomi entreats us to clear our minds and let go of anxieties so that we can flow.

Poor posture from long hours spent at a computer, sitting in freeway gridlock, or carrying a small child is another current cause of muscular tension that inhibits flow. All forms of massage increases circulation in the soft tissues. While the more widely familiar Swedish Massage utilizes mostly light kneading; Lomi incorporates long, firm forearm strokes designed to release muscle tension. The body is addressed with continuous, unbroken motions up and down large muscle groups. Like the ocean’s waves, this flowing motion lengthens muscles tightened by stress and poor posture. Spot pressure point work is also used where needed to release chronic tension. Blood is able to flow, relieving pain and increasing the body’s movement.

Being based on the concept of flow allows Lomi Lomi to be very adaptive to individual needs. Pressure can be light and designed to quiet the mind; or more aggressively firm to release deeper body tension. It’s essentially a very intuitive practice designed to “go with the flow,” to pardon the pun. No two Lomi sessions are ever exactly the same, yet always achieve the same result: total mind and body relaxation.

Our Kapunas continue to pass on Lomi Lomi, but only a few are given the ancient sacred prayers. Even so, the modern practices of Lomi Lomi are still powerful in achieving wellness. After a Lomi Lomi session, your mind will be free of worries and your body relaxed so that you may truly enjoy the beauty of the Aina.